Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Goals

First of all, where did January go? Seems like we just celebrated the new year and now it's already the 8th of February.  The time flies by faster and faster with each passing year, that's for sure.  So much has changed since the last blog post many moons ago, so we'll just start from scratch here and now.

Having become a new mom last month, I can life has definitely changed completely.  It is both a rewarding and humbling experience trying to figure this little one out but has been a joyful ride so far, even when I want to pull out my hair now and then.  Since I'm on maternity leave for 4 months (cuz my job is awesome), I figured this is a good time to delve in the blog world again, and what better way than some goals for the month. 


  1. Shower every day - yes, as a new mom, this is definitely a goal now. I feel accomplished when I can get this done everyday!
  2. Read 4 books.  I've slacked a bit on the reading the past few months so it's time to get back on track.
  3. Get back into fitness once cleared by doc. One more week to my appointment - here's hoping all is well and I can get the all-clear to jump back on the exercise wagon.  I've already lost all my baby weight (thank you, breast feeding!), but it is amazing how much muscle definition I also lost.  I'm looking forward to jumping back on the exercise wagon again.
  4. Enjoy family time with sis and nieces this month.  They will be here next weekend to meet my little one.  Can't wait to see everyone! Must take lots of pictures :)
  5. Lastly, sleep. As much as I can when I can as my little diva is now calling the shots.
Hope everyone is enjoying their hump day!